About Me

You’ve probably found me from my twitter @thrillmex. Good, it’s working!

I was first introduced into trading in 2014 when I was at law school. Cameron Fous was the one who got me hooked. He had really captivating lifestyle videos on youtube, one in particular with a black Maserati GT and a black old school Camaro, which he claimed he purchased from trading. I was a poor student at the time and I knew I didn’t want to be a lawyer. I just knew I wanted to be rich. This seemed easy! 

This marketing had me hook line and sinker. More research led me to pirating from piratebay the prequel to tandem trader (can’t exactly remember what’s it’s called) which was like a 9 hour trading course from Nathan Michaud from traders underground. 

Looking back at that those videos it was absolute garbage. I had no idea that they were actually making money from selling the courses. Or that it was even a business to sell trading courses.

I paper traded for quite sometime but the penny stock market didn’t suit me and that’s what their trading was aimed at, penny stocks. The best times to trade are on the open and that was at the really early hours in Australia. To open a penny stock trading account it was a minimum $50,000 deposit at the time. No fucking way.

It wasn’t until I found out about crypto in early 2017 from the VICE video on chinese bitcoin miners that the possibility to trade fulltime arose. 

It was easy to get into a huge liquid market, there were no minimum deposits on trading accounts, no kyc, it felt like the wild west! One huge economy where you could trade derivatives and also speculate on crypto’s like Warren Buffet. 

Plus, bitcoin just kept going up and people were getting rich. Perfect!

Now I’m sharing trading concepts that work for me from my own experiences. Honestly not even sure what this website will end up as. Hopefully it will be somewhat of a go-to for new people to get their feet wet to understand the crypto landscape better from my own perspective.

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